Seeking breath, while quitting smoking

Smoking for most began as a curiosity. One may recall that starting to smoke was because you wondered how it felt or wanted to feel cool, to fit in, or to be classy. Whatever the first reasons that triggered our interest in cigarettes was, it was often replaced by the habit of just smoking. We quickly moved from an interest in smoking into automatic pilot mode and later unfortunately became aware that smoking was hard to stop.

We smoke to relieve stress, We smoke to fit in, we smoke to rebel. We more than likely smoke because we like the feeling, and the people we met while smoking. It makes us a little more social. Over time, smoking became something that took over our life. Mentally scanning our body, we feel the damage it is causing. And we feel the effects it has on our bank account. The thing we wanted to try has now become the thing that drives our whole life. And that drive is now causing recognizable harm.

How does this happen? What is it about smoking that makes it so compelling?

The addictive outcome of smoking is well familiar, but let's look at it from a different angle. Let’s look at the benefits of smoking.
When someone smokes they usually take five or more deep breaths with each cigarette. If someone smokes 10 cigarettes a day, that is 50 plus deep breaths in their day. It causes one to wonder if nonsmokers take that many purposeful deep breaths each day...? (and more and more studies show how deep breathing is beneficial for our body and mind). Also, let’s think about the breaks a smoker takes each day. It is obvious how beneficial it must be to have mindful breaks in a busy workday.
We cannot deny the benefits of these two behaviors and their outcomes. This may very well be the key to understanding the relief, the benefits that come from a smoking; Learning to take small breaks in your day with a few deep breaths.

We breath around 25,000 times a day. Most of us do not think about it much. We just breathe without a thought. Breathing has become something most of us don’t practice. So, when we smoke, it seems like that we are actually taking control of our breathing. It seems that we like smoking because it gives us a chance to breathe deeply.
When we decide to quit smoking, we are also ending a breathing ritual and miss those breaks to just take a moment in our day to unwind and de-stress. Could it be that this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to stop smoking?

Smoking does feel like it relieves stress, but we know that the chemicals in the cigarette, in fact, increase anxiety.

In order to overcome the bad habit much easier, it may be beneficial to continue taking those breaks to breath.

Terssing has just created the most inexpensive alternative to smoking that yields those benefits - The Terss.
It is a wonderful tool to have mindful breathing in your day again. Terss provides a way to transition from grabbing a cigarette to grabbing your Terss. To take that long draw you once had with a cigarette and connect your brain, body, and breath to that familiar ritual. Instead of smoke filling your lungs, you now get a full breath of air. Breath has the power to give us energy. Breath is the supplier of life to each of our cells in the body. And sometimes in our life, all we need is the air the we breathe.

Image credit Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash


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