Terss—Discover the comfort you crave

Having something else to look forward to makes it easier to get through the day.

Terss is a sophisticated ready-made accessory used as a safe and healthy replacement for smoking or vaping. It is designed to offer comfort to smokers who are looking to move on from old habits.

It provides a way to transition from grabbing a cigarette to grabbing something that is completely safe and lacking in side effects, and yields the benefits of deep breathing.

You can reach for your Terss as a harmless alternative whenever you feel the urge to smoke or just need a moment for yourself.

The simple act of reaching for your Terss can help. It's the beginning of a familiar routine, and the act of inhaling and exhaling slowly can bring the relaxation both of deep breathing and of satisfying the physical part of your longing to smoke. It can put you back in touch with your immediate surroundings. 

Terss keeps you grounded. It keeps you focused, and breathing easy. It's a leg up—an advantage that'll help you curb your cravings.

Every time you do,
you'll be one step closer to long-term escape.

Terss offers the comfort of having something else to reach for.
Something to look forward to, something to keep your hands busy, something to pull out in a moment of stress or satisfaction.
Above all, it offers the comfort of the familiar, relaxing feeling of slowing  and regulating your breath using long, deep pulls.

The only difference?
Instead of smoke filling your lungs, you now get a full breath of air.

Terss meets your need for the familiar ritual of smoking, but does it without the smoke, yielding all the benefits and satisfaction of a deep breath.

In other words...

The joy of reaching for a cigarette stays, but the stinky fingers go.

The Terss

The Terss itself is simple and elegant: small and easy to carry, comfortable to hold, and comforting to breathe through.

A sophisticated hollow accessory of organic bamboo: perfectly processed, polished and sized, with an engraved marking showing the tip of the Terss.
Every Terss is a complete product. There’s no lighter, charger, rolling papers, tobacco, or pipe. Just you and the Terss.
It is well-made and durable enough so that every Terss is a one-time purchase for lifetime use.

It comes with a convenient lightweight carrying case that protects the Terss during transport in a pocket, bag, or purse, granting you quick and easy instant access.


The whole process of creating the Terss is completely handcrafted and without use of any type of chemicals or heavy machinery. This makes every Terss a unique product.
Terss is carefully cut by hand with a special knife so that the tips don't break or cut and are safe to use. 
Every Terss is sand polished to have a smooth and clean finish.

How to best use the Terss?

Terss is a smoking replacement, but the experience it offers is a little different. Because there’s no filter or filler, you won’t feel the resistance that’s normal in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Instead, you’ll experience a more intense, deeper draw.

To start,
find the marking showing the tip of the Terss. Bring that end to your mouth and while holding the Terss to your lips, inhale deeply from your stomach, letting it expand as you do. Finish the breath by pulling the Terss away and inhaling powerfully with your chest. Feel the relaxation that the breath brings with it. Exhale slowly and gradually, letting the tension run out of your body and letting the satisfaction rush in.

Terss supports a healthy lifestyle for smokers and non-smokers alike. There are no caveats, no disclaimers, and no downsides. Nothing but the chance to experience your life in a whole new way.