Terss—the comfort you crave.

About the Terss.

The Terss is a healthy, satisfying alternative you can turn to when you feel the urge to smoke, or just need a moment for yourself.

Terss is free from nicotine and all other chemicals, and brings pleasure and satisfaction through the simple power of deep breathing.
It offers the familiar routine and bliss of your favorite habit, without the dangers, harms, restrictions or addiction that is usually brings along.

Using the Terss delivers an extraordinary new sensation. We call it the terssing high.

The terssing high is a calming, pleasurable rush of endorphins.
It is a completely natural feeling coming as a product of the 4-step deep breathing process that the Terss promotes. Its roots can be found in an ancient, powerful, medical and spiritual deep breathing practice called Pranayama.
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Your Terss is...

  • All natural. Terss has no chemicals or other potentially harmful substances.
  • Fun, relaxing, and easy to use.
  • One-time purchase for a lifetime use. Durable and well-made to last a lifetime.
  • Handcrafted. Manually made of carefully selected natural bamboo.
  • Convenient, stylish, and elegant. Looks and feels excellent in your hand or on your lips.
  • Portable. It comes with a convenient lightweight carrying case that protects the Terss during transport in a pocket, bag, or purse, granting you quick and easy instant access.
  • Free from side effects, complications, and health concerns;
  • Free to use anywhere, and
  • 100% free from guilt.

The Terss itself is simple and elegant: small and easy to carry, comfortable to hold, and comforting to breathe through.
A sophisticated hollow accessory: perfectly processed, polished and sized, with an engraved marking showing the tip of the Terss.
We make every Terss from natural bamboo carefully chosen to meet and exceed the safety requirements defined by 31 LFGB article 3 of regulation (EC) 1935/2004.
Terss is completely hollow inside and is made entirely from plain bamboo.

Every Terss is a complete product. There’s no lighter, charger, rolling papers, tobacco, or pipe. Just you and the Terss.

The whole process of creating the Terss is completely handcrafted and without use of any type of chemicals or heavy machinery, making every Terss a unique product.
Terss is carefully cut by hand with a special knife so that the tips don't break or cut and are safe to use.
Every Terss is sand polished to have a smooth and clean finish. Just the way you like.

Bamboo: convenient, stylish, and elegant.

Because of its perfect natural shape and structure, bamboo combines a unique set of benefits as a material for producing the Terss. While other materials offer some of these advantages, none have the complete set:

  1. Can be processed naturally, without the use of chemicals and heavy machinery;
  2. Is affordable, allowing us to pass savings to our customers;
  3. Is durable and tough, so that Terss will not need to be regularly replaced;
  4. Is eco-friendly, doesn't ruin the nature balance;
  5. Looks and feels excellent in your hand or on your lips.

In other words, it is convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, and on top of all that it beats out its competitors when it comes to stylishness and elegance.


The Terss is completely hollow inside, for two main reasons:

When testing versions with filters, it was found out that they restricted airflow too much, preventing to take the breaths deeply from the bellies. That would remove the benefits of deep breathing, and is a deal-breaker already.

Just as bad, though, was the discovery that any filter gets quickly soggy during the use. They would needed to be replaced frequently, which would add to the Terss’ cost while significantly reducing its simplicity and convenience.

How to use the Terss?

The 4 simple deep breathing steps.

Terssing is simple: you only need to learn four basic steps. Do the four-step breathing process just once or twice. Once you find your rhythm, you're ready to go.

Let's take a look...

To start, find the marking showing the tip of the Terss. Bring that end to your mouth and while holding the Terss to your lips:

1. Inhale deeply from your belly, letting it expand as you do.
(Breath in deeply through your Terss, expanding your diaphragm and letting your belly fill with air.)

2. Finish the breath by pulling the Terss away and inhaling powerfully with your chest.
(Keep inhaling, drawing air in sharply and letting your ribs and chest expand.)

3. Feel "the terssing high" that the breath brings with it.
(Pause. Hold. Feel the stretch through your torso, back, and shoulders, and enjoy the terssing high.)

4. Release and exhale slowly and gradually, letting the tension run out of your body and letting the satisfaction rush in.
(Let the breath out gradually, starting by letting your chest sink and ending by pulling your belly in toward your spine.)


And that's it. It takes most of the people a few draws to get into the rhythm of it. Once you find it for yourself, you're ready to go.

About the Terssing High and How It Can Help. 

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