Terssing—Wellness, excitement and a new sensation.

What is terssing?

Terssing is the act of using your Terss. 

It’s the long, deep inhalation slowing your breath and helping you find calm and focus.
It's the comforting feeling between your fingers or tucked into your pocket, ready when you need it.

It’s the casual elegance, held just right, reminiscent of Paul Newman or Audrey Hepburn.

Terssing is a simple, accessible, satisfying change.
It was created to help you turn one of the most burdensome, addictive, damaging parts of our lives into a pure health benefit. 

Building the terssing habit. 

Why do we smoke? The most common answers from smokers are familiar: because they’re addicted, to relieve stress, because it helps them calm down, because their friends smoke, or because it goes so well with coffee, wine, or beer.

In other words, outside the raw chemical addiction from nicotine, smoking is fundamentally a habit. It becomes part of a million small rituals, from the cigarette-with-our-coffee to the cigarette-after-lovemaking. As they become more and more consistent, we start to rely on those rituals to make us feel good—happy, satisfied, relaxed, calm.

We envision terssing as the basis of a new kind of habit. One that makes your lungs healthier instead of damaging them, that saves you money instead of forcing you to spend it, and that doesn’t include a devastating addiction. A habit that fills the same social space as smoking—something to do with your friends, something to accompany your wine, coffee, or beer—but that leaves you feeling better and happier.

The heart of this new habit is not smoke, but breath. Control over your breathing, through it, your mind. Terss is deliberately designed to help you regulate your breath, by slowing the pace at which you inhale and giving you some of the rhythmic, smooth feeling of drawing on a cigarette, vape, or pipe.

Start by using your Terss at a time when you might normally smoke. Try it out with a glass of wine after dinner, or when you step outside in the morning. Tuck the case into your pocket when you leave the house.

Slowly, gradually, build terssing into your day, letting it become a calming and centering experience that you turn to when you need a moment to pause, unwind, and de-stress.

The longer you practice, the better it will feel, and the steadier the habit will become.

Welcome to a new world—the world of Freedom.