Curb your cravings

Building the Terssing Habit

Changing habits, changing lives.

Terss doesn’t address chemical addiction, but it supports your choice to replace the smoking habit by letting you continue most of the familiar sensations, attitudes, gestures, and behaviors. 

Terss gives you something to focus on, something to keep your hands busy, something to pull out in a moment of stress or satisifaction, but above all, it gives you the familiar relaxing feeling of slowing and regulating your breath using long, deep, slow pulls.
With Terss everything remains the same, but without the smoke.
All you’re giving up is the nicotine, and while that's still significant, it's far easier than trying to ditch the entire habit all at once.

Curb your craving with Terss

Cravings tend to hit us hard and all at once. In a single moment, we'll suddenly feel an intense desire to smoke. Often it feels like a need. We get nervous and stuck in our thoughts, and can't seem to focus.

The simple act of reaching for your Terss can help. It's the beginning of a familiar routine, and the act of inhaling slowly can bring the relaxation both of deep breathing and of satisfying the physical part of your longing to smoke. It can put you back in touch with your immediate surroundings.

Terss keeps you grounded. It keeps you focused, and breathing easy. It's a leg up—an advantage that'll help you curb your cravings.

How to start?

Start by using your Terss at a time when you might normally smoke. Try it out with a glass of wine after dinner, or when you step outside in the morning. Tuck the case into your pocket when you leave the house.

Slowly, gradually, build Terssing into your day, letting it become a calming and centering experience that you turn to when you need a moment to pause, unwind, and de-stress.

The longer you practice, the better it will feel, and the steadier the habit will become.

Welcome to a new world—the world of Terssing.