How It All Began.

“Some people depend on the smoke to stimulate the body, to keep up! We fool our body about it to give us energy!” 

This are the two sentences that changed my life. 

Hello, I’m Marko Kutnjak, the founder and CEO of Terssing, and ever since my first cigarette, I couldn’t wrap my head around why people smoked. Mostly because it was just making me sick.

I tried to be like many of my friends who were habitual smokers, desperate to fit in socially and feel the sensation and satisfaction that I could tell my friends were enjoying. They seemed to be rebelling in a way, because they were doing something they weren’t supposed to. I wanted that feeling. But it just didn’t work.

Then vapes came along. I thought this would be perfect, an alternative to smoking that is literally smokeless. But even with vapes, I got sick. And soon, we all learned that vapes weren’t even as danger-free as we once thought. Not in the least.

Despite making me sick, there were aspects of smoking I really enjoyed. I loved how the cigarette felt in my hand - the smooth, round shape, the slight weight, the way I could gesture with it, or use it to mark a pause in conversation. I loved the feeling of bringing it to my lips, followed by the slow, deliberate inhale and the exhale that felt like I was blowing stress right out of my body.

I was craving that release, but it was just my luck that I couldn’t stomach the smoke.

Then, one day, while scrolling down my social media feed, I found the solution.

It was an interview with Mantak Chia, a Taoist master. He spoke about the tremendous benefits of regulated, focused deep breathing, and one part of the interview was particularly interesting. In fact, I found it truly enlightening. Mantak said, “Some people depend on the smoke to stimulate the body, to keep up! We fool our body about it to give us energy!” But in actuality, it's coming from the deep breaths we take.

A lightbulb went off. What if we freed those breaths from the smoke? 

I got to work immediately and created the first version of the Terss, a simple, durable accessory that was light, easy to carry, satisfying to hold, and useful for controlling my breathing.

It was freeing and effective, but still, something was missing.

I spent many hours researching everything about breathwork and deep breathing practices, figuring out how to incorporate it with my Terss. The effort paid off! I found a technique that allows you to experience a deeply soothing sensation that reminded me of that familiar feeling – the one I’d been chasing all along. WOW! It was a feeling of pure satisfaction coming from the simple power of deep breathing. Later, I came to call this experience the Terssing high.

Best of all, I could finally enjoy the physical sensations that I liked so much about smoking, but with none of the negative side effects.

I also learned much of what we enjoy about smoking and vaping is that it gives us a moment of respite, a chance to gather our thoughts, and an opportunity to breathe habitually, ritually, soothingly deep. Which we usually don’t in our day-to-day lives. And most importantly, it gives us a moment of joy and comfort.

Terss became my moment of joy and comfort.

In the end, I realized that I was fooling myself, trying to be a rebel by doing what everyone else was doing, even though everyone knew that it was wrong. The real way to break free is to forge a new path and figure out a way we can all move forward together, untethered to the past. And Terss gave me that opportunity. 

From there, the creation of has been a long-term dream. I just knew this was a perfect alternative for all the young people out there who want a better world, who need something different and for sure don’t need to blindly follow our old, incorrect concepts of society. Like, for example, society ever thinking the inhalation of toxic smoke and chemicals would be a good thing. 

My goal is to make the Terss a tool for you to build a more successful society.

The infrastructure is now in place, and after finishing the final version of the Terss, including a carrying case for real portability and convenience, it’s finally ready. has launched, and we couldn’t be happier to have brought Terss to the ones charting their own path forward.