Our Vision

The Terssing Vision

Terssing was founded to change the world.
Smoking is one of humanity’s great vices. It’s satisfying, relaxing, and deeply addictive, but it also damages our bodies and relationships. The world needs something different. Smokers need something different. And here at Terssing, we don’t think that everything needs to go. There are parts of smoking worth saving.

Enter Terss. Our vision is of a world where a slow, deep draw on your Terss replaces smoke, and the light, healthy elegance of the Terss itself replaces expensive and dangerous cigarettes, vapes, and pipes.

The world we dream of is one where everyone can wake up in the morning with their breath coming easy in their throats, their lungs feeling full and clean. Where money isn’t thrown away on over-priced and heavily-taxed tobacco products, and where Terssers can enjoy time with their family not worrying about their health.

We have seen the next generation of smoking cessation, and our mission now is to share it with the world.