Terss - the cleanest draw you'll ever take

A simple, carefully designed, polished handmade accessory made of organic bamboo, small and easy to carry, comfortable to hold, and comforting to breathe through, offers the satisfaction of that long, deep draw.

Terss is deliberately designed to help you regulate your breath, by slowing the pace at which you inhale and giving you same rhythmic, smooth feeling of drawing on a cigarette, vape, or pipe.
Beautiful in its simplicity, the perfect design of Terss echoes the familiar, elegant shape of a cigarette, but replaces smoke, vapor, and addictive substances with the pure feeling of a slow, deep breath.

Terss offers all the familiar sensation, attitudes, gestures, and behaviorswithout the smoke:

  • The comforting feeling between your fingers   ✔
  • The feeling of putting it between your lips   ✔
  • The feeling of pulling it out in a moment of stress or satisfaction  ✔
  • The relaxing feeling of slowing and regulating your breath using long, deep, slow pulls   ✔
  • Something to accompany your morning coffee
  • Something to accompany your beer or wine  ✔
  • Smoke, vapour or any adictive substances  ✘


It's the cleanest draw you'll ever take.