1. How can terssing help me quit smoking?

Well, technically speaking, whenever you pull out your Terss instead of a cigarette is a victory. :)
Now seriously, terssing takes care of the behavioral and psychological aspects of your longing to smoke. Those are the leading causes of relapse, so taking care of them is a huge step toward freedom.
When you add the comfort and relaxation coming from the terssing high to it, you have a recipe for success.

2. How can I benefit from terssing?

Terssing feels good. It gives you the healthy, no-downsides feeling of relaxation and satisfaction.

At the same time, terssing gives you something to reach for other than a cigarette or vape device in your familiar habits and routines. It becomes your new coping mechanism.

And as a bonus, the deep breathing encouragement that it offers, is a huge, healthy step toward physical and mental well-being, with all the happiness, energy, productivity, and relaxation that it involves.

3. Why do I need a Terss?

Can’t I just use a straw, a pen, or something?

We get this one a lot. The short answer is: you should do whatever works best for you! We’re here to support you however we can, through our products, research, and awareness-raising. 

But here’s what we really think: getting yourself a Terss brings in a ton of value. Using a homemade or makeshift breathing support means missing out on a surprising amount. Here’s the rundown of why it’s worth it to invest in a Terss:

Convenience. First, when it comes to physical details—shape, feel, and function—we got everything right. The Terss looks and feels great. It’s professionally hand-crafted to look and feel excellent, it’s durable, it’s exactly the right size, it comes with convenient, sturdy, lightweight packaging. No substitute is going to even come close.

Guidance. Then there’s the how. Deep breathing is a practice that’s got thousands of years of history behind it, and getting its full benefits requires some knowledge. We offer that, including guides on terssing and notes on how to integrate it into your life. 

Encouragement. We publish a steady stream of blog posts, studies, articles, and other encouragement. Getting yourself a Terss means being part of something intentional, something structured and designed to support you. We want you to succeed.

4. Can Terss help me improve my health?

Terssing naturally leads to healthy deep breathing which is beneficial all on its own. You can check the deep breathing benefits here.

5. I like to smoke, can I use both or use Terss to cut down?

This is up to you. We heard that some customers use the Terss to slowly cut down. But to be honest, we would like you to stop smoking completely!

6. Does the Terss contain any substances?

No. Terss is completely natural and free from any chemicals or potentially harmful substances.

7. How many times can I use the Terss in a day?

As many times as you like.

8. How long shall I use it?

As long as you like.

    9. What is the terssing high?

    The terssing high is a pleasurable, completely natural feeling coming as a product of the 4-step deep breathing process. Its roots can be found in an ancient, powerful, medical and spiritual deep breathing practice called Pranayama.

    Read more here.

      10. How to use the Terss?

      Check here. 

      11. Does the Terss contain a filter?

      No, the Terss is completely hollow inside, for two main reasons.

      When tested versions with filters, we found that they restricted airflow too much, preventing us from breathing deeply from our bellies. That removes the benefits of deep breathing, and was a deal-breaker already.

      Just as bad, though, was the discovery that any filter we could apply quickly got soggy during use. They need to be replaced frequently, which adds to the Terss’ cost while significantly reducing its simplicity and convenience.

      12. How many Tersses do I need?


      Our Tersses are well made and durable enough to last a lifetime. You don't need to keep buying new ones every week like you would with cigarettes or vapes.

      13. How to take care of my Terss?

      Wash it occasionally with warm water and mild soap, and allow it to air-dry. 

      We didn't answer some of your questions?

      You can always contact us on terss@terssing.com. We are here to provide all the support we can!