Terssing quotes


"Terss gives you a better chance to quit, smoke less or not fall of the wagon if you miss a cigarette."

"We love smoking, but we don't like smoke, this is why we designed Terss."

"Imagine carefree smoking while watching your children play."

"Boredom is a lack of quality activities. Smoking is a quality activity, but there are better activities."

"At the end, it is the act of having something to puff on, that you miss."

"You love smoking, and with good reason: it's satisfying and relaxing. But there's a better option."

"We tend to complicate our lives with thousands of wishes, while the most beauty comes when we free ourselfs from wishes and just sit back, relax and breathe. There is abundance of air and it's for free. Sit back, relax and enjoy this gift of nature."

"With Terss, the habit stays, but it becomes a harmless one."

"With Terss you change the habit and don't even notice it."

"With Terss you change the habit, without thinking about it."

"With Terss you have always something to puff on."

"There is no such thig as quit smoking "journey". Each time you don't lit, you're already there."

"No metter what age you are, Terss is always a safe alternative to your smoking habit."

"Give your lungs a little reward after all this years. They deserve it!"

"Take a little rest. Your lungs will love it."

"Smokers often say that the hardest part in quit smoking process is not having something to hold in their hand or mouth. Ladies.. No more excuses. with Terss you quit smoking and still enjoy all the familiar gestures and attitudes. Get it done!"

"Sit back, relax and feel the craving yield away"

 "We always wonder how on earth did someone in the past made us to inhale smoke in the first place??"

"Enjoy clean and pure draws on every pull."

"Enjoy the cleanest draw you'll ever take."

"Discover the power of air with Terss."

"100% natural smoking alternative."

"Your stress outlet, ready when you need it."

"Simple ideas are often best ideas. Enjoy in simplicity."

"Why wouldn't you inhale air when everything else is the same??"

"They say "bad habits die hard", but it seems that's an old saying."

"Terss is everything that smoking isn't: Clean. Safe. Healthy. Free from side effects. Unrestricted. Economic. And that's not just a commercial!"

"If you ever had a pack of cigarettes in your pocket or purse--or wanted to--then we made Terss for you."