The Benefits of Picking up a Terss.

Healthier, Happier and Less Restricted Life.

With Terss, get ready for satisfaction of walking, running, and working out—of doing everything your body is capable of. Get ready to wake up in the morning with your breath coming easy to your throat. No more second-hand damage. No more stepping out in the cold for a lonely smoke. No more stinky fingers or stinky clothes. No more bad breath or damage to your teeth. No more over-priced and heavily taxed tobacco products. Instead, get ready to experience your life in a whole new way. 

How can Terss help? 

The values of the Terss are based on the most recent scientific research into habit formation and the benefits of deep breathing. Its purpose is to help everyone be healthier, feel better, andwhen they are readymove on from smoking.

Terssing has three big upsides.

Comfort, Relaxation, and Health: The Three Pillars of Terssing 


Terss makes sure that when you want to pull out a cigarette, you've got a solid, reliable way to satisfy the urge. You pull out your Terss instead. The action is familiar, the setting is familiar, and the sensation is familiar. 

This takes care of the behavioral and psychological aspects of your longing to smoke. Those are the leading causes of relapse, so taking care of them is a huge step toward freedom.


Terssing feels good. It gives you the healthy, smoke-free, liberating feeling of the terssing high.


With Terss, you'll be enjoying the benefits of deep breathing, which are a lot more substantial than most of us expect.

Take those benefits together
, take advantage of them, remind yourself that you always have that opportunity to escape, and live your life the way you want to, without that constant, urgent anticipation of the next chance to smoke.

    The 5 life values we stand for and how Terss helps you restore them.

    1. Healthier live.

    Terss is free from the health risks, complications and concerns: no smoke or vapor, no chemicals, no addictive properties. No damage to your lungs or teeth, no risk of disease. Instead, the deep breaths it encourages can support relaxation and can be a good way to let out everyday stress.

    2. Heavier wallet.

    Terss is a straightforward product that you only ever need to buy once—and it doesn’t exactly break the bank. Unlike smoking products, you never run out of Terss. It keeps your money going toward other things that are more important to you.

    3. Deep breathing remindment.

    By design, Terss slows your breath and will naturally make it easier to practice deep, healthy breathing. Over time, terssing can slowly build more positive breathing habits to support long-term well-being. It is a wonderful reminder to breath, and a comforting, calming experience.

    4. Peace of mind.

    Because it has no second-hand smoke, and because it promotes healthy behaviors and positive emotions, Terss is the perfect habit to bring home or out to social spaces. It poses no health risks to the people in your life, and lets you stop worrying about their well-being.

    5. Smoke-free life.

    Your Terss is a rush of gratification that you can carry in a purse or pocket. During low moments, or when you’re feeling down, remind yourself that you always have that opportunity to escape. To find a moment of calm, or to satisfy your urge to smoke. Pull out your Terss and take a minute for yourself. Breathe deep. Enjoy how it feels. Remind yourself that the satisfaction it gives you isn’t going anywhere.

    Let it be a little ray of sunshine that you carry with you. Let it be just one thing that you know will go right.

    Trust the Terss, and if you still aren’t sure, well…trust the science.


    Every time you pull out your Terss is a victory: a successful effort not to smoke. 

    Your reward is freedom, plus the comfort and relaxation of the terssing high.

    The outcome: a whole new path to leaving the cigarettes behind you.