Get the pure bliss of the terssing high in 4 simple steps.

How to use the Terss?

Terssing is simple: you only need to learn four basic steps. Do the four-step breathing process just once or twice. Once you find your rhythm, you're ready to go.

Let's take a look...

To start, find the marking showing the tip of the Terss. Bring that end to your mouth and while holding the Terss to your lips:

1. Inhale through the Terss deeply from your belly (not from the chest) , letting it expand as you do.
(Breath in deeply, expanding your diaphragm and letting your belly fill with air.)

2. Finish the Inhale powerfully with your chest while removing the Terss.
(Keep inhaling, drawing air in sharply and letting your ribs and chest expand.)

3. Feel "the terssing high" that the breath brings with it.
(Pause. Hold. Feel the stretch through your torso, back, and shoulders, and enjoy the terssing high.)

4. Release and exhale slowly and gradually, letting the tension run out of your body and letting the satisfaction rush in.
(Let the breath out gradually, starting by letting your chest sink and ending by pulling your belly in toward your spine.)

And that's it. It takes most of the people a few draws to get into the rhythm of it. Once you find it for yourself, you're ready to go.

Try it now!

You can also try it now. Without the Terss. Just follow the steps...

The power is withing you!

The Terss just makes it easier. (And more fun, and more accessible. And makes it feel more like your current favorite habit.)

About the Terssing High and How It Can Help. 

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