TERSS Regular

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The Terss is simple and elegant: small and easy to carry, comfortable to hold, and comforting to breathe through.
sophisticated accessory made of organic bamboo: perfectly processed, polished and sized, with an engraved marking showing the tip of the Terss.
Its shape is familiar and satisfying, and the type of bamboo we use is so durable that every Terss is a one-time purchase for lifetime use.

The whole process of creating the Terss is completely handcrafted and without use of any type of chemicals or heavy machinery.
Terss is carefully cut by hand with a traditional Balinese knife so that the tips don't break or cut and are safe to use. Every Terss is sand polished to have a smooth and clean finish.
The Terss Regular is approx 10cm long and approx 0,8cm across, and weighs about 4 grams. 
It comes with a convenient lightweight carrying case that protects the Terss during transport in a pocket, bag, or purse, granting you quick and easy permanent access.

Our goal
is to offer comfort to smokers who are looking to move on from old habits, by giving them a way to transition from grabbing a cigarette to grabbing something that is completely safe and lacking in side effects, but still yields the familiar routine.

Terss gives the comforting feeling between your fingers and lips, and the calming sensation of blowing the stress right out, but without the dangers, harms addictions or restrictions that usually come with smoking.

Terss gives you back your breath.